The Pros & Cons of Artificial Grass

Gardeners, homeowners, and even professionals know how turf or grass is an essential part of the lawn and landscape. The greens that it provides to the eyes add to the beauty and freshness that people see when they look at your lawn and your property. But the dilemma starts to rise whenever they start to choose between having real and artificial grass or turf. Both of these options do have their own pros and cons. Whether you want an artificial or real turf and grass, there are companies that provide you excellent quality services such as tree service Oahu, or other legitimate and professional landscapers.

A lot of homeowners try to weigh down the advantages and disadvantages of using artificial turf on their lawn since it has been creating noise in the market and landscaping world. In this article, we will tackle all about the artificial turf and grass and help you weight down the pros and cons.

The Pros of High-Quality Artificial Grass or Turf

It saves water – water is an essential factor that affects the health of your plants and grass. A 10 x 10 square of lawn needs over 62 gallons of water, and having a bigger lawn requires a good source of water for sustenance. In addition, you will be needing to put some effort to provide consistent irrigation to your lawn. Artificial grass will never require you this.

The grass is always green – unlike real grass that can wither because of several factors, artificial grass will never change its color.

It is maintenance-free – real grass will require you to spend money for irrigation, fertilizers, herbicides, and other maintenance costs. Artificial grass does not need any of these. They can also be considered as environmentally-friendly because they do not necessitate you to use chemicals like pesticides, inorganic fertilizers, and pesticides. You are also free of mowing and weeding.

The Cons of Artificial Grass

It is hot – real grass gives off that cooling effect while artificial ones get hot during the summer months. This artificial grass heats up whenever they are lit by the sun and they do not feel comfortable when you spend time on it barefooted in the afternoon.

The initial cost for installments can be expensive – planting seedlings may entail some effort but it does not cost much than installing artificial grass. It is paid by the square foot which can be up to $15 each.

Cleaning becomes difficult – whenever some pests and animals leave behind some stool, you will have a hard time cleaning. Although scooping is easy, it will still leave some smelly debris behind unlike real grass in real soil where some organic materials just decay naturally, even making it a good source of nutrients for the plants.

It is not that eco-friendly – if you become more knowledgeable about soil science, you begin to understand the importance of healthy soil percolation and water runoff. There could be rich biodiversity that happens in soil with real plans and real grass, and this could be impeded by the artificial grass you put on it. In addition, when the soil is covered, the water runs off elsewhere that can affect your landscaping in general.


Areas to Pressure Wash for Spring Cleaning

When the spring season arrives, power washing the exterior surfaces of your house should be included in your yearly spring cleaning routine. The pollen and pollution in the air during this season, debris from spring rains, fallen leaves, and the dirt left behind from winter snowfalls will produce a mixture of contamination on every exterior surface of your house.  

Before the sunny and bright day of summer arrives, here are several areas that you have to clean using a power washer 

Outdoor Furniture 

You should power wash your outdoor furniture after you set them out for the season. You have to power wash the furniture using a low setting and a wide nozzle spray if you did not clean the outdoor furniture before you stored them. This will help ensure that the flow of water is strong enough to loosen dirt and soil without damaging the furniture. 

Patios and Deck 

Decks and patios can have a huge amount of gunk because of drinking, eating, and cookouts in these places. To figure out the type of cleaning and the pressure that you have to use, you will have to consider what material your patio and deck are made of. It is ideal to utilize a power washer set at the right pressure with a rotating tip or fan tip to avoid damage to stone pavers or deck boards.  

However, when it comes to stone-paved patios and wooden decks, it is a cleaning task that’s best left to a professional. The reason for this is that they can clean these areas without damaging them.  

Sidewalks and Driveways 

Asphalt and concrete surfaces such as sidewalks and driveways will accumulate spilled liquids, dropped food, grease, and oils across the year. Every single thing that is leaked or dropped onto your sidewalk and driveway is exacerbated by cars and foot traffic rolling on top of these surfaces. This causes food, grime, grease, and dirt to become impacted into the small holes of the top layers.  

You should hire a professional power washing company that will utilize the heated cleaning solution of a pressure washing system to get rid of hard-to-remove dirt and stains from asphalt and concrete surfaces.  

Garage and house 

If you’re a homeowner, it is easy to see the grime and dirt on the exterior of the windows of your home. You might not see this same built-up grime on the vinyl, wood, or other sidings of your house. However, it exists there. Power washing your garage and home exterior will leave a fresh and clean appearance. For a lot of homeowners, hiring this service will save them the costs of repainting the house. 

Rain will often combine with the air pollutants. This will leave streaks of dirt from the roof and down to the sides of your house. the only way to improve curb appeal and restore the beauty of your house is to get rid of the moldy, dirty, and dingy layer on exterior surfaces. Fortunately, a professional power washing company can help you with this task.  

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